Miss Detectives Agency

Detective Agency in Mumbai

Miss Detective is the fastest-leading private detective agency in Mumbai. People come here to fulfill their dreams of work, careers, etc. We are a family of 500+ employees with 21 years of experience. Our company is the top detective agency in Mumbai that provides wide investigating services to the customers. Every time with each new case, the team comes up with new ideas to solve it. The main motive is client satisfaction. Miss Detectives agency is the best private investigation company.

Types of Services

Do you want to hire a private investigator in Mumbai? Our agency is the best detective agency to hire a private investigator. We have a team of skilled and professional members in our company. We maintain the secrecy of the client’s identity throughout the case. Each detail regarding the case keeps hidden. The team used new techniques and gadgets while conducting an inquiry. Our company has competency in:

  1. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  2. Extra-Marital Affair Investigation
  3. Child Investigation
  4. Background Check
  5. Fraud Investigation
  6. Loyalty Test Investigation
  7. Dual Employment
  8. Duplication of Products Investigation
  9. Follow up
  10. Due Diligence
  11. IPR and Brand Protection

The team members of our private detective agency are talented and efficient people. We know how to tackle every situation. The Private Detectives are well-trained in handling mysterious cases. We have a list of a large number of happy customers. Is your spouse cheating? Anyone is doing fraud within your company. Miss Detectives investigate both personal and professional investigations. We are here to help you and provide the best results at the end of the inquiry. It will help you in many ways and bring peace to you.

Keeping details restricted

Our private investigators are trusted and truthful people. They are good at keeping the identity of the client confidential. Our detective agency is a well-known private detective agency in Mumbai. If you are searching for a private detective agency, we are the secure option for you. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the investigation. A vast number of solved cases proves that we have a history of solving any kind of case. Apart from all this, our team helps the customer dealing with a hard time. Due to the 100% accuracy rate in resolving the cases, we are growing with a large number of customers on offline as well as online platforms.

Personal Investigation

Personal Investigation is different from other investigations. It requires the utmost care throughout the inquiry. This agency is the top detective agency in Mumbai and specializes in this kind of inquiry. We have all kinds of gadgets and techniques to conduct the investigation. Personal Investigation is consisting of different types of services

  1. Divorce Investigation
  2. Child Investigation
  3. Missing Person Investigation
  4. Property Dispute
  5. Money-related issues

Professional Investigation

Our agency provides the best professional investigation in Mumbai. Corporate Investigation includes fraud Investigation, someone breaching your data, due diligence, IPR Brand Protection, insurance investigation, background check, criminal record, etc. The investigation is conducted at a high level. In most cases, the culprit is someone from the company. We investigate by keeping so many aspects in mind. The private investigators of our detective agency in Mumbai find every detail as financial and personal information, etc.

Miss Detectives is the best-reputed private detective investigation agency in Mumbai that offers services to clients. If you are looking to hire a private detective, you are at the right place. We assure you 100% confidentiality