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Children Investigation Agency

Children Investigation Agency

In today’s world, as a parent, we need to know everything about our children. We have many questions regarding this; is there anything wrong with my child? Is someone hurting my child? Is my child safe? That is where the word children’s Investigation comes to mind. But what is Children Investigation Agency? Children Investigation Agency is the method where the investigator inquires about everything related to the child, whether or not someone is molesting or mistreating the child. The inquiry against the child covers by Child Protective Services (CPS). At Miss Detective Agency, we offer the best Child Investigation Service. Our finest female investigator asks questions to the child, parents, or any other person related to the child.

People opt for this investigation to prevent any harm to their children. If the child is experiencing any problem, our child investigation department takes action against the culprit. The investigating agent removes the child from that environment.

Categories of Children Investigation Agency

Child investigation Service consists of two parts:

  1. When someone molests the child
  2. When someone abandons the child

When anyone molests a child, it consists of exploiting someone emotionally and physically. On the other hand, neglecting the child means when the person does not provide the child with basic needs like food, clothes, education, etc.

Procedure for Children’s Investigation

In Miss Detective Agency, the investigators inquire into the case with intelligence and utmost care. First, we look out for the reason for the investigation. The complaint can be sent by anyone related to the child, like parents, friends, classmates or batch mates, teachers, etc. After the inquiry of the related persons with the child. Our investigators also ask questions of the child for better knowledge about the case. During the investigation, there is a process of physical examination of the child.

Children Investigation Agency is different in every aspect and for every child. It takes some time to conclude the case. Sometimes it takes days or months to finish the case.

After the Children’s Investigation

When the interrogation finished, further steps were taken by the Child Protective Service. After completing, the inquiry related to the child investigation, they decide what to do. The outcome establishes whether the child is abused or mistreated by anyone. Then, the Child Protection Service separated the child from that unprotected surroundings. Also, they offer aid to the child for a better future.

The types of assistance they provide the child after the inquiry are:

  1. They sent children to foster homes.
  2. Provide legal help to the child.
  3. Offer counseling related to mental health issues.
  4. Education aid.
  5. Sent to the rehabilitation center.

The main motive of the Child Protection Service is to provide a safe and secure environment to the child so that they can recover from those

Secure your Children from Molestation & Ill-Treatment

Daily, we see news of child abuse or someone who ill-treated them. The responsibility of parents is to look out for the protection of their children. Ways to help your child in many ways like:

  1. Educate your child about the terms child abuse. So, they are already aware of if anything wrong happens to them.
  2. Create a bond with the child to have a friendly conversation about what is going on in their lives.
  3. Always be the one to know about the change in behavior traits of the child. Indications of child abuse are:
  4. Mood swings like depression, and anger, bursting out on everyone.
  5. Sudden weight loss or gain.
  6. Any injuries like random bruises or burns over the body.
  7. The child is skipping school or classes.
  8. Insomnia or change in sleep patterns.

You are witnessing any change in the behavior of the child. Must ask them and take the matter to the Child Protective Service. They will tackle the case and find the suspect. After completing the examination, CPS provides mental aid to the child to heal from the trauma and other resources like better education, food, foster homes, etc.

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