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Surveillance Investigation Agency

These days, it is necessary to observe things and people for your safety. You can never judge what will happen to you next if you are in danger. To avoid that, people hire spies or private investigators for surveillance. We at Miss Detectives provide excellent surveillance investigation services to the customer. Our company is a female-oriented firm. And we all know that women have more self-evident and influential instincts than anyone. Our female detectives are good at their work also. Even people from the private and government sectors hire investigators for surveillance or follow-up.

Believe in Public Protection

We think that public protection is the utmost responsibility of every person. The issue can only be taken care of by the surveillance. It will reduce the number of crimes like harassment, theft, or sabotage of any property. Follow-up is the best solution to check the unwanted activities around you. Our private female detective will use their techniques to follow the suspect. Types of equipment used to observe the suspect with CCTV cameras, observing the surroundings, etc. The follow-up videos or photos play an essential role during the investigation. It will help you in the legal procedure also.

Safety from Terror Activity

According to our agency, follow-up is indispensable for the nation’s safety. It protects the country from terror or unwanted activity. As terrorism rises, keeping an eye on these activities will make a big difference. All higher intelligence companies use advanced follow-up by using hidden cameras, recording audio, capturing pictures of the suspect, etc.

Protection from Business Bereavement

Protecting your business from any fraud is necessary. Surveillance in business helps it to save resources, employees, etc. Banks, malls, and other industries use gadgets like CCTV cameras, biometrics, etc. Our follow-up service assists the firm by noticing fraud against them and their employment history. With the help of our advanced methods, we can inquire into the case and find the culprit.

Moral Surveillance Investigation

Moral or ethical surveillance uses in various sectors like schools, hospitals, etc. With the help of our follow-up investigation, we check for the hospital surrounding, their setup, observe patient supervision, etc. Advanced technology methods of surveillance are used to look out for accidents at the study center. We believe that follow-up prevents the incidents if it is in school or hospital.

Corporate Surveillance Investigation

Monitoring activities at the workplace is part of preventing incidents and promoting safety. Many women at the workplace witness harassment, threats, etc. Surveillance prohibits any further problems and protects employees from any danger.

Confidential Surveillance Investigation

During the surveillance, Miss Detectives ensures that not to break any law or hurt someone’s privacy. We need to consider all aspects during the investigation to prevent any problems. Our female private detectives keep the documents related to the surveillance confidential. No one can have access to it apart from the investigator.

Miss Detective is one of the fastest-leading private female investigating agencies. We offer the best surveillance or follow-up services to clients at cost-friendly packages.

It’s important to have dedicated professionals handling surveillance investigation to ensure that the process is conducted thoroughly and effectively. In today’s world, prioritizing safety is essential. You won’t come to know when you might find yourself in a threatening situation. To mitigate these risks, many individuals and organizations choose to enlist the services of spies or private investigators for surveillance. At Miss Detective Agency, we take pride in offering exceptional surveillance investigation services to our clients. Our firm is female-oriented, recognizing the inherent and powerful instincts of women. Our female detectives are highly skilled and reliable in their work. It’s not just individuals who seek our services; even private and government sectors rely on our investigators for surveillance and follow-up.

Advantages of hiring investigator from Miss Detective Agency:

We believe that ensuring public safety is a fundamental responsibility for everyone. Surveillance investigation plays a crucial role in addressing issues such as harassment, theft, and property sabotage. Follow-up procedures are an effective solution for monitoring and preventing unfavorable activities in your surroundings. Our female detectives specialize in employing various techniques to track down suspects. This includes the use of equipment such as CCTV cameras and observing the surrounding areas, even minor areas. The videos and photos obtained during follow-up operations are invaluable in supporting the investigation and can also aid in legal proceedings. 


Our agency firmly believes that follow-up procedures are essential for ensuring the citizens’ safety. By monitoring and preventing unwanted activities, we contribute to safeguarding the country from terrorism and other threats. As the incidence of terrorism rises, effective surveillance can make a significant distinction. Advanced follow-up techniques, including the use of hidden cameras, audio or video recordings, and capturing images of suspects, are employed by leading intelligence companies to address these challenges.


With the exponential increase in cases of cheating and fraud, surveillance investigation has become more crucial than ever. Whether you have professional or personal doubts, we are here to provide you with answers and peace of mind. You no longer must spend your days worrying – simply hire us and relax. The entire team of investigation professionals at Miss Detective Agency is dedicated to serving our esteemed clients and delivering outstanding surveillance investigation services. Our experienced detectives have been highly praised by past clients for their friendly approach and efficiency. We have the expertise to handle any kind of case.

Steps involved in the process:

It is of crucial importance that we are sure about the doubts that can affect our lives in significant ways. One of the sole reasons for hiring a private investigator is their skills and knowledge in modern surveillance. Surveillance refers to an immediate observation of a person or group to capture and monitor their activities to gather and meet the requirements of the case. Miss Detective Agency offers a lot of services, and this attribute makes us the best detective agency in India. 

A private surveillance investigation will secretly monitor a suspect to document and determine activities. The suspect can be a business entity, any individual, or others. If you doubt your partner, wife, fiancée, cheating, disloyalty, fraud, and others, you can hire a private investigator who can get all the relevant details by following the tracks of the daily life of a person. 

The team of the Miss Detective agency can monitor the homes, and locations of small, and large, rural and urban areas, friends and family, and big and small businesses, of the suspect. In the initial process, we gather or collect all necessary information about the suspect from our clients that can be later used in our investigation according to the case. We attain information most discretely and the results delivered by us are solely aimed at proving peace of mind. Miss Detective Agency is the best detective agency that has delivered excellent services with commendable results.