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Background Check

Background Checks are most important for the personal and corporate aspects. Inquisitor International Inc is India’s leading detective agency that provides users with Background Checks services. You can conduct thorough pre-matrimony verifications by contacting our team. We are well-versed in

a. Family Background Checks
b. Financial status Checks
c. Family reputation Checks
d. The character of the bride and Groom Checks
e. Education Checks
f. Nature Checks
g. Habits Checks
h. Medical History Checks
i. Employment Checks

At Inquisitor International Inc, We carry out special services by helping in checking along with verifying details given. It will be an easier option to know about the person and their family details. Our area of operations includes cities like Delhi and other major cities including Chandigarh, Jaipur and others.

Anonymity Guaranteed:

We never ask for any client information during the service. We keep case briefs 100% confidential.

Reliable Verification Process:

We employ the services of private investigators with skills and experience. These Background Check Investigations are very crucial for hiring the right candidate or pre- matrimonial aspects. Our detectives conduct all investigative services with utmost care. We maintain 100% secrecy throughout. All the Investigations are usually completed within the required time.

Why Choose Us?

At Inquisitor International Inc, we have a wide network of our agents with the best experience and skills in dealing with the case. We can also guarantee to provide an exceptional level of services, whatever the case might be. Our detectives employ different methods, such as discreet surveillance and many others to obtain invaluable evidence.

i. Exceptional and Competent Investigators
ii. Gathers every detail like Family Background
iii. Rendering services for Better Decision-Making
iv. Adept at unearthing details like Criminal Records
v. Find more about the Behavior Analysis

Our exclusive method of Investigation ensures to accumulation each and every detail. These include routine, hobbies and criminal records. Our team also verifies the individual’s details with integrity.