Miss Detectives Agency

IPR & Brand Protection Investigation

Nowadays, it is easy for people illegally use authorized brands, products, trademarks, etc. This scam is increasing day by day. It is not easy for the company to find these scammers. Miss Detectives Agency is the best private detective agency in pan India. We provide a long list of detective services to customers. Our team offers the best solution for your company, domestic or international. Our IPR & Brand Protection Investigation service is the top detective service in India.

IPR Investigation

Miss Detectives offers the finest Intellectual Property Investigation services in India. Our team’s priority is to keep the customer’s needs before the investigation. Our agency assists the government and law agencies also. We help them acknowledge the production and supply. Our team is knowledgeable about the nuances of the regional market, distribution dynamics, and many other topics. Our private detective agency has 21 years of experience investigating Intellectual Property and branding Investigation. The team will help you in many ways.
  • Help you recognize the duplicate products.
  • Find the location where that product is produced.
  • Find the people who are doing this fraud.
  • Help you enroll for the patent.
  • Provide counseling on Intellectual Property Rights.

Best Follow Report on IPR & Brand Investigation

Our private detective agency helps customers in IPR and brand protection investigations. They provide all the details related to the investigation. We do our best to recognize all the threats related to the case. We investigated the case with the help of advanced equipment to check for any breach against the client. To collect damages, our team would determine the value of the harm caused. The investigation process involves:
  • Copyright Violation
  • Brand Forgery
  • Trademark Violation
  • Patent Violation
  • Disclose data

Brand Imitation Investigation

Miss Detective Agency is the leading detective agency, we provide the best IPR and brand investigation service to clients. We assist the customer by creating a market where we do retail purchases. Our agency’s main motive is to find the suspect who is selling a duplicate of your product in the market.
  • Modelling with statistics
  • Extensive Sampling Techniques
  • Managed Methodologies
  • Crowdsourcing
Our team of investigation keeps up with a broad range of investigative tools, such as social media checks, dark web information gathering, and more. Along with testing, we also receive sample acquisition. We have skilled cyber risk experts who can quickly identify data manipulation, invasions, and other threats.
Miss Detectives is an excellent detective agency in India. Our investigation is conducted with confidentiality and without any issues. We have a strong relationship with law enforcement and officials to help you in your case.