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Are you marrying someone? Do you think your spouse is cheating? Is someone stalking you?

Miss Detectives Agency is the best private detective agency in Delhi. Introducing India’s premier investigation services agency – Miss Detective Agency in Delhi! With unrivaled expertise and dedication, we’re your trusted partner in uncovering the truth. From personal matters to corporate affairs, we’ve got you covered.

Miss Detectives is a female detective agency with 21 years of experience investigating cases. Our company offers personal investigation and corporate investigation services to our clients. We believe in clients’ privacy. We established a strong bond with our clients. According to us, building trust with clients is the first and foremost thing to do. Every detail related to the customer remains confidential. Our team members are skilled and professional in handling the cases. The private detective follows the guidelines during the investigation. They do not break any law while investigating a case.

Miss Detectives offer services like Post Matrimonial Investigation, Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Loyalty Test, Extramarital Affair Investigation, Children Investigation, Missing Person Investigation, IPR & Brand Protection, Duplication of Products Investigation, Due Diligence, Fraud Investigation, Employee Cheating, and many more. We want one thing in return from our customers to share all the relevant information related to the investigation. We got success in all our cases till now. Our team provides error-free records. The resolution rate of investigating cases is 100%.

Our team investigates every part of Delhi. All clients in Delhi are satisfied with our services. We have a team of well-skilled private detectives. We are one of the top detective agencies in Delhi, with immense solved cases and clients happy with the service. The detective agency started as a startup and now extended to the best detective agency in Delhi NCR.

We are a family of 500+ employees and working with us for years. Apart from Delhi, we have branches all around India. If you have any issues related to our services, we are happy to help you.

Our Detective Services in Delhi


The Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi is a non-public agency that solely conducts non-public investigations. Our organization provides evidence and proof, including images, films, audio recordings, and other materials as requested. All of these updates are associated with the evidence area unit and are completely confidential and secure, ensuring the customer’s safety and security.


Whether your case is a private or Corporate Fraud Investigation, our firm will work hard to bring the matter to a successful end for you. Our knowledge, combined with the use of cutting-edge still photography and videography equipment, ensures that we respond to all of your inquiries as soon as possible. Our cutting-edge espionage techniques, covert cameras, and recording devices provide our clients with the greatest proof possible.


Our Detective services give the necessary evidence and are available in a variety of investigative approaches, as video observation clarifies the cases. Our team can tackle even the most difficult and complex issues using video surveillance. Our detective firm is regarded as having the best video surveillance, which consistently produces the most effective investigation for all types of cases.



We are the best detective agency in Delhi, and our huge customer network has only grown, resulting in an amazing success record for our firm. To win a legal battle, it is critical to offer proof and evidence, which we do. The Indian legal system is based solely on witnesses, and submitting proofs and evidence is critical to victory.


Our Delhi team is particularly effective at uncovering casting couch incidents, which are so widespread in the film industry. Our Detective Agency in Delhi’s goal continues to provide customers with the necessary information without defaming anyone in the process. They are solely responsible for how they use those proofs and what actions they take.

Private detective firms have proliferated in recent years as a result of increased dangers, breaches of trust, and greed. The increased trend among corporate or business enterprises to acquire security guards from private sources has resulted in the establishment of a huge number of Delhi private security organizations throughout the country.

We believe that spying is an art because the possibilities of being detected are extremely great. If that occurs, not only will the consumer be completely dissatisfied, but there may also be legal ramifications for both the clients and our agency. To improve this technique, we need and can use technology to help our undercover operatives collect rapid and accurate information throughout investigations.

If you are seeking the Best Detective Agency in Delhi, remember that Miss Detective Agency is here. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation, and we will gladly assist you in resolving your issues. Furthermore, the services we give are extremely reasonable and affordable, and we make every effort to obtain evidence and proof for your case. We devote attention to every case that comes to us, and this personal care has gained the trust of our clients.

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