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Miss Detective is the fastest-leading private investigator in Delhi. We have 21 years of experience in investigation. The agency has established its name in the industry with a strong commitment to providing reliable investigative services. We have a team of private investigators who are talented and professional.

The team is dedicated to delivering accurate results and also ensuring our clients are satisfied with the proofs. Our company provides a wide range of investigative services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of investigation services like personal investigation and corporate investigation to clients.

Miss Detectives private investigators in Delhi specialize in conducting complete background checks on individuals. Our team of professionals goes through all the details related to the case to verify credentials. We look into the suspect’s financial status, criminal records, and other relevant information provided by the client with a picture for informed decision-making.

The main motive of our private investigation agency is to keep the details confidential. We provide an affordable range of investigation services to clients. Private detectives ensure that the case conducts with utmost care. Private investigators do their best to collect all the proof against the suspect during the case.

Investigation Services provided by our agency:

Background Checks: Miss Detective specializes in conducting background checks on individuals. Whether it’s for pre-employment screening, tenant verification, or partner due diligence, we delve into an individual’s personal, educational, and professional history. Our team of professionals looks into each detail during the case to get the best results.

Surveillance: Our skilled private investigators employ advanced surveillance techniques to gather evidence and monitor activities. Whether it’s suspected infidelity, employee misconduct, or insurance fraud, we carefully observe individuals, document their actions, and provide accurate reports to the customers after the completion of the case. Surveillance plays a vital role in legal proceedings, personal investigations, and corporate investigations.

Matrimonial Investigations: Our team of professionals excels in conducting matrimonial investigations. With sensitivity and responsibility, we gather evidence related to potential spouses, verifying personal details, character traits, etc. Matrimonial investigations help individuals and families make informed decisions, ensuring a strong foundation for successful marriages.

Corporate Investigations: We offer a wide range of services to assist businesses or firms in protecting their interests. These include due diligence investigations, intellectual property theft investigations, employee background checks, and internal investigations into fraud or misconduct.

Missing Person Investigations: Miss Detective plays a vital role in locating missing persons. Whether it’s a missing family member, a runaway teenager, or a debtor. Our team of private investigators utilizes their investigative skills, networks, and resources to conduct searches, gather information, and reunite families.

Miss Detective Best Detective Agency in Delhi

Miss Detective is the best female detective agency in Delhi.  We have a wide range of investigation services like background checks, pre-matrimonial investigations, post-matrimonial investigations, divorce investigations, missing person investigations, fraud investigations, etc. Our team of talented investigators gathers proof and offers valuable information regarding the case. Our female detective agency has a long list of satisfied customers. We ensure that all information related to the customers is confidential. The team provides an accurate report to the client after the completion of the case.

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